...my exclusives. the most important guys. the ones who sometimes touch my soul. the ones for which i would walk through hell.

Peter - Because he´s so wunderful, always there...

Lukas - because he has style xD

Angelo - Because we´re the dreamteam...

Emil - because he´s a fantastic base-man

Jules - because shes the most beautiful and deepest friend

Mülli - because everybody needs someone like that^^

Daniela - because we went through everything

Zupi - because she´s Yehaw

Alex - because he saved my life

Sven - because he´s stupid^^

Janosch - because he´s excactly like i was

and finally:

H.S. - because you´re with me.everywhere... 

Just a few, but the best on this world.


...the things i never want to loose.

EJM - because it´s just a pack of idiots^^

First-aid and more - because i can help others

love - because it´s wonderful and i couldn´t live without it

sex - because it´s passion

alcohol - because it´s just fun xD

my friends - because they are everything

Luther - because it´s a whole party

english - because i make my money with it

german - because...yeah,why?

chocolate - because it´s a good alternative for sex and love ^^

music - because ways seems so much shorter with it

hope - because it never dies

interesting(!) arguements - because anything else is boring

holidays - because there´s no better way to fly

cheese - because it so goooooood...

laughing - because it´s better then drugs

sun - because you feel free

winter - because the mountains are yours

hugs - because they make you feel safe

books - because they keep secrets


...the most terrible things on earth(don´t wanna comment that-.-)

math, cold, wodka, beeing left alone, mvg, senseless arguements, my own brutality, heidi klum, cancer, my grandpa, white chocolate-strawberry-marmelade, german social-politics