Damn it!!

Mood: so fucking desperate


music: not loud enough




hey dude, you know what? you lied to me!!! fuck man, i´m just lying in bed, because i had a fucking operation, a fucking operation, which destroyes me completely and what are you doing????

leaving me alone!!

leaving me alone with all this bloody shit. alone with 13 twinges in my stomach and three holes.

you´re doing something. and you know i don´t like this.

and know, know i see, that yozu lied to me. SHE WAS THERE!! and SHE BLOGGED ME FOR LOOKING AT THESE FOTOS!!!


and what are you gonna say now dude?? you´re feeding my doubts honey... and you don´t even get it...


whatur gonna say....





i´m out

1.9.08 15:19

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