civil disorder


Music: die ärzte - junge


well, dude, yesterday was...ouff.

darling, i´m sorry, but you´re a stupid lilltle boy-.-. you know, i hate them too. really. i want to talk on the big white telephone when i see them!

but, you know, there are things you shouldn´t do. especially when your opponent has a gun, pepperspray an a bat. discussing with these guys is stupid. because most of them ARE stupid. dude, yesterday you risked al lil´ bit too much. and didn´t you recognise that i was so anxiety for you? i thank god, that angelo didn´t left like the rest of these cowards. he was there for me. thank you angel^^

honey, just keep calm. the next time. please. for me. that would be really great^^

i love you bunny...

i´m out...



12.4.08 16:30

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