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afraid. i´m suprised about that. 

friday night. 5 am. my best friend crashes into the bedroom, with him two good friends. 

search the mistake...found it? 

right. i was sleeping. and you know what? I´m not a party pooper, but there´s a time of the day, mostly between the moment i go to bed and the moment i wake up, where i´m not funny. absolutly not.

okay, so three goddamn drunk guys are crashing the room(by the way, i was happy that i was wearing a t-shirt...). my best friend smells like a bucket of barf, Mikim talks desultorily things and whanabee...well...he just tried to tell us how sorry he feels. not funny.

maybe i would laugh NOW about this kindergarten'joke'. but the problem was: they didn´t just fulminate into the room once. no, that would have been fun. no, they bored us five times. absolutly not funny.

okay, after half an hour of selfdicipline and 5 cigarettes i decided to eat the pizza my best friend left in the kitchen when he slamed the frontdoor screaming: "i hate her, she doesn´t like me anymore, she called me antisocial!"(by the way, he talked about me-.-. i told him to leave the room because i don´t care why he smells like barf.)

pizza was fine. mikim layed on the couch still talking stupid crap about squirrelballs, whanabee, he seemed almost sober, telling us the story of the night. the bell rings, my best friend´s back. "it´s cold outside, and whanabee needs too much time." pussy-.-...

6 am. everybody out. we´re just on our way back to bed. the BELL RINGS!!! guess who´s there? yup, my best friend. he asks for me, he wants to talk to me. ahm...hello? you´re drunk? and the staircase is fucking cold? doesn´t matter, he´s my boy, i love him,okay, i´m coming.

whanabee gets mad. he wants to go home. he´s tired and, maybe i mentioned it once or twice, it´s cold. 

talking about the stress we have. i feel so sorry, nothing is as it should be. he cried. i send him home. told him to talk tomorrow.

well, he staggered me. and he forgot that we were talking at 6 am.

i shouldn´t be angry...but i miss him. 





By the way, did you recognized how hard it is to overcome your own borders?  just a few words... time will do it.




i´m out.

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