civil disorder


Music: die ärzte - junge


well, dude, yesterday was...ouff.

darling, i´m sorry, but you´re a stupid lilltle boy-.-. you know, i hate them too. really. i want to talk on the big white telephone when i see them!

but, you know, there are things you shouldn´t do. especially when your opponent has a gun, pepperspray an a bat. discussing with these guys is stupid. because most of them ARE stupid. dude, yesterday you risked al lil´ bit too much. and didn´t you recognise that i was so anxiety for you? i thank god, that angelo didn´t left like the rest of these cowards. he was there for me. thank you angel^^

honey, just keep calm. the next time. please. for me. that would be really great^^

i love you bunny...

i´m out...



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Könnt ihr mich hören..?

Mood: hate, pure hate!

Music Rammstein - Du hast


don´t wanna think about it. don´t wanna talk about it.


this is an acusal.

an accusal for every bruise i had to hide!

an accusal for the burned mark at my arm!

an accusal for every hand you put on my mouth to stop me from screaming for someone!

an accusal for everytime i hated you!

an accusal for everytime you locked me up in your fucking cage!

an accusal for your small ego!

an accusal for every tear i cried in your room!

an accusal for everytime you punished me for things that happend long long ago!

an accusal for these minutes in know what i mean!

an accusal for the damage and the fear i´m still carrying with me!!


I wanna see you suffer like I did!!

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