mood: so fucking damn tired

music: tv is running


excuse my writing-style, i´m too tired to talk about details...-.-


well, the weekend was good. let´s say...great.

funny people, good prgramm, great evenings.

met a lot of new guys. nice ones, strange ones, well-known ones, ugly ones, boring ones, amusing ones, good-looking ones.


sry, i´m almost asleep^^

but (using forrest gumps´ words)..shit happens^^

there´s nothing i should regret.

i´m out.

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mood: not good

music: culcha candela - vitamina



there´s a huge lack of dicipline.

i don´t know what i want. there´s no forwards, no backwards, everything´s just turning around. the way back gets the way forwards and the other way round.

i don´t see any of my talents at the moment. my strengths seems to get to a normal average.

have to learn to dicipline myself. but how, when i don´t know for what?



i´m out.

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mood: too good to be true

Music : opm - Heaven is a halfpipe


and a hard weekend ends.

friday swimming with friends. after a lil bit confusion hanging around at the "meister"´s home (and another insider is born-.-). drunken jules, damn good sex, shopping and then...up to easter at luther...

i don´t believe in jesus but easter at luther is always great^^
had no sleep, i kicked one little bastard, burned myself with hot wax...

then sunday...yeah...ähm...sleeping^^, another hang out-session.

and today..nothing^^ as good as the rest!


so, lil summary:

I love my voluntary work^^. i´m in love with the damn best roll-mops on earth:P. i started to consider somebody as a friend. i have a very crazy understanding of day and night.

and i´m happy^^

i´m out.

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Dreaminh is just for dreamers...

Mood: definitly intoxicated

Music: Fanta 4 - Krieger


sometimes, angels fall. an fallen angel has to stand up. but it´s so hard...but experience has told me, a raising angel becomes a fighter. but raising is so difficult, because you´re afraid of loosing someone on your way up...but lift your head, there are related faces, you know them all, they will be there, what ever hell will send you!!

so what´s you priority angel?

exploding and walking out of your whole, with blood on you hands, tears in your eyes, a smiling face and nothing but hope in front of you?

or remaining, with crippled wings, destroyed and confused, unable to breath new air?

decide, it´s time to kill this darkness....




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