stimmung: fertig

musik: timbaland - apologize


heute im lift hat mich ein bekannter gefragt ob ich nen freund hab. dann eine freie piste zum rumheizen. da kam es hoch.

heute im bus habe ich linkin park gehört. in between. draußen wunderschöne schnee bedeckte landschaften. und dann kam alles. alles was ich bis jetzt wegdrängen wollte. es soll weg sein. alles. machs weg. bitte.

und bitte lass ihn glücklich sein.



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mood: confused

music: die toten hosen - herz brennt



it´s so complicated to talk about emotions. strange...first time this way since...ever?

well, great job dude, i´m crying. but wait, it´s not pain or something like that. it´s more...well...easing.

i got it on my own. out of my hole. it was so easy. and i´m breathing.

thanks for that man, you´re great. thanks for telling me some things...i´ll keep them.

and who´s scared the most now? 

looking forward to tommorrow.

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Stimmung: bisschn müde^^

Musik: Anastasia feat. Ben Moody - Everything Burns


well...great day.

lif is too short for feeling sick all the time... ...^^

and the best/strange thing is --> i´m smiling all the time......

and the question is: why?


smiley are so great



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thought you know...

mood: dazed and confused

music: disturbed - down with the sickness


what the fuck is wrong with you? what have i done? talked to you, wanted to talk and what are you doing? fucking with me? i told you what i wanna do after all that crap. i know you didn´t always trust me, but you know me, you know him!?it was a harmful time,but you were with me! and now, i just wanna enjoy this adorable time. küken der nacht, you know??
but what are you afraid of?, i´m feeling too great to let him do the things that...guy did!(at the moment he can´t do it because i don´t call him "mine". just an info...)

but you´ve crossed a line. the last line. thought you know that abusing this´ve hit a very sensitive part of me. i really thought you know...

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take my hand now...

mood:so sad...

Music: david draimien - Forsaken 

He broke your heart
He took your soul
You're hurt inside
'Cause there's a hole
You need some time
to be alone
then you will find
what you've always known

as long as I'm livin'
I'll be waitin'
as long as I'm breathin'
I'll be there
whenever you call me
I'll be waitin'
whenever you need me
I'll be there

Soll sich angesprochen fühlen wer will... oder erinnern...vielleicht...hoffentlich.
Diese auszüge des Liedes passen wie die Faust aufs Auge.
Hoffentlich kann es so bleiben...
Denk bitte drüber nach.
Ich wollte den ganzen scheiß jetzt auch nich. Aber alles will ich mir auch nicht bieten lassen. Hoffentlich kannst du das nachvollziehen. Wenn nicht, dann schade, aber dann weiß ich auch nicht mehr weiter.



this was written in my (ex?!)best friends diary...damn...

sometimes i hate him. 

for knowing what´s on.

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mood: groggy

Music: Evanescence - Your star




yesterday. four years ago. and we knew what would happen. haven´t we?

talked to two very special people.

the one showed me that he´s still there. and i promised something. and this time i´ll keep it!

the second one... just suprised me. he knew what´s on. just by listening. because he had the same shit. damn, that guy is a wonderful person.

and he showed me something else. i got so soft and self-pity.

it´s my part to change what should be changed!

thank you my little emo^^ your adorable!

thanks for understanding and looking into my eyes.

and now it´s our time!

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