Ach Eddylein...
Wars schön beim boarden? Ich hab die Pics bei Lokalisten gesehen, sieht aus, als hättet ihr Spaß gehabt xD
Freut mich =)
Wir müssen mal wieder was trinken gehen...
HDL, Caro

Caro ( / Website ) 6.1.08 14:00

damn girl...
i love you...
you´re so great...
thank you for this...

me... ( -/- ) 15.12.07 13:01

Girl, you're such a pretty mess today, I know it.
To let you know: Nobody said it was easy but nothing is impossible.
We all know it so goddamn well. This feeling.
It's not just in your mind, it's in your heart.
But you're fuckin' beautiful and loveable.
So go on.
After a while.
Move on!
And get somebody for that real amazing boundless love you deserve.

fucking.freak ( / Website ) 15.12.07 09:22

Ach Schatzilein,

netter Blog den du da hast ... a bissal durcheinander, aber wer is des nicht^^

Ich liebe dich!

Dein großer

René (Email / Website ) 23.11.07 22:47