mood: too good to be true

Music : opm - Heaven is a halfpipe


and a hard weekend ends.

friday swimming with friends. after a lil bit confusion hanging around at the "meister"´s home (and another insider is born-.-). drunken jules, damn good sex, shopping and then...up to easter at luther...

i don´t believe in jesus but easter at luther is always great^^
had no sleep, i kicked one little bastard, burned myself with hot wax...

then sunday...yeah...ähm...sleeping^^, another hang out-session.

and today..nothing^^ as good as the rest!


so, lil summary:

I love my voluntary work^^. i´m in love with the damn best roll-mops on earth:P. i started to consider somebody as a friend. i have a very crazy understanding of day and night.

and i´m happy^^

i´m out.

24.3.08 19:57

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